my loyal friend

my loyal friend
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The xmas present that I brought for myself 11 years ago was Missy, she has been my loyal friend for the last decade. Our story began when I first moved to Warwick and walked down the main street and came across a pet shop. In the window was a litter of Chihuahuas and I made the fateful mistake of going into the shop for a pat. I managed to walk away but couldn’t stop thinking about the smallest of puppies, she was beyond adorable.

That night I called my mother and spoke to her about the puppies. As a child growing up we had a short hair Chihuahua dog called Mandy and she was with us for 14 years. Mum was struggling to understand my choice in pursuing a career and enjoying single life. As a way of having a common interest with Mum, I offered to purchase 2 puppies. Also I was frequently away for work and needed a puppy sitter.

The next day I walked into the pet store and purchased the little black puppy she and one of her brothers. The little black puppy had little blisters over her tummy and the sale person said it was due to her being bitten by a spider. I was not sure that it was a good idea to take her home just incase she died, so the sales person returned the puppy to its owner to have her checked and I picked her up again in one week.

My mum also got her puppy the next week too and we worked through toilet training and bonding with our puppies together. It took me the longest time to come up with a name for my puppy; Little Miss was the eventual front runner. We seemed to be able to talk to one another, her little whines and my commands starting to make sense. Soon enough she was sleeping in my bed and sharing my every meal, we did everything together.

It was hard to take her for walks in grass areas because her legs where shorter than the grass, so she would hop through it like a bunny. Big dogs terrified me and Little Miss! It took forever to give her worming tablets because they were huge, so I learnt to break them up and put the bits into cheese, so she would eat them. Each evening I would play with her and if I didn’t she would sulk and give me dirty looks.

Present day, she is DD best friend and they both enjoy playing dress up and giving each other baths. The baby born pram, bed, bath and clothes have been used more regularly on Missy than they have on dolls. Since Beverly Hills Chihuahua DD keeps asking me to purchase boots for Missy! DD keeps asking to have her very own Chihuahua because she wants to teach it commands and it obeys only her because Missy sometimes will only listen to my commands. Means I am still top dog in our house 🙂


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