Made a light box & $5 gift today

If you want to find how to make a light box check out here, I am grateful of the 10 minutes and $3 investment. Today I purchased a cigar box from one of those specialty outlet shops, which sold this empty one for $3. It was going to be the perfect jewelry box for my DD and first tutorial.

Cigar box

The imperfect little box was going to be my first Mod Pod project and handmade xmas gift for my little girl. In total it cost me >$5 and an hour of my time that I spent watching the AFI Award.

My personal feelings is that my children will grow up having few store brought gifts and many handmade gifts from myself, it’s to impart the tradition of Grandmother Dorothy and those wonderful crafty genes we have inherited.

The true beauty in a personalize gift is the amount of effort that went into either picking it out or making it. The joy is watching the face of the person receiving your gift and the magic is when they treasure your gift like it was made of moon rocks.

It is true that I enjoy making these gifts for my children and yes they are very cheap to make but it is the tradition of gift making that I want to impart.


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