Perfect Cuppa

Perfect Cuppa
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How do you make a perfect cup of tea? For years I was totally unaware that there was a science to making the perfect cup of tea. Then I met Julia from Queenies Tea House and a whole new world opened up. Did you know that you should have different cups of tea during each day? Julia also hosts dinner parties where they match food to different teas.

My perfect tea for me is rooibos and it is from plant that is native to Southern Africa. The best way to brew your tea is in a white pot, boiling water and put loose tea in a tea infuser and leaves it in the hot water for 4 minutes.

The best plastic company in the whole world is Tupperware has just invented a tea infuser that I love. By beef with normal size infusers is that they don’t hold enough rooibos tea, I like me tea strong.

Last summer our state government gave out 4 minute timers to encourage everyone to have 4 minute showers; I found a new way to use them, tea timers. When I am making my cup of tea, I have the little timer located near by and turn it over. There is always plenty to do in my kitchen that allows the tea the full 4 minutes to draw.

Don’t forget that tea leaves are perfect compost for your garden. Visit Queenies Tea House to purchase fine quality tea and brewing products.


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