Today I got my first vaccinations for the first time in 8 years.  The first vaccination I got was the H1N1 vacinee and the last shot was the flu.  I am taking the Thyphoid vacine via 4 tablets, which are quite complicated because it has to be 2 hours after food and 1 hour prior to food, every other day.  Doesn’t sound too complicated until I ate 45 minutes after taking my first tablet and cursed because I forgot to wait the extra 15 minutes.

All of this is in preparation to my visiting the Philippines on the 19 Ocotber and staying with my step mum’s family.  The main reason that I am going is because my Dad and Step Mum are renewing their vows.  After 25 years of marriage they are going to wanting to have a traditional wedding in a church.  My Step Mum is organising for me to have a bridesmaid dress!!!  My doctor and I were joking today that it was salmon taffita, with puffy sleaves and a big bow on the bum 😉