Single Motherhood

The bliss of the kids spending the week at their Dad’s house. I get to sleep in my bed without the children crawling in during the night and no kicking me stomach or wacking me in the head while I sleep.

There is no urgent need to be watching the clock at work because I have to bolt out the door at 2.45pm to pick the kids up from school.

The evening meal consists of crackers and cheese.

Usually I have been drooling over a book that I want to read and waiting for this week to crawl into bed early and drift off into eternal bliss of non fiction.

Somehow the week turn sour around day 3 when the nightly phone call to say ‘Love U, sleep tight’ to the children ends up with me worrying non stop. My DS tells me that he has been sick and has a temp for the last 48 hrs. When I enquire about his health from the adults in his tempory home, I’m told that its nothing to worry about and not to over react. Except last time I was told that, DS ended up in hospital.

Not to mention that my Mum who came to look after the kids while I worked (school holidays), fell over while hosing off the dust from my back patio and crushed a vertibrae in her lower back. The dust storms were crazy enough with all the extra cleaning to do, now I have to look after my injured Mother.

Many of my friends have suggested that I write this blog about my life because it truely is insane. One of the many conversations that I have with my boss at work, is based around my insane life where nothing is normal, I don’t make this crap up and yes it truely did happen.


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