Next week I’m back into the routine of packing lunches at night, early wake up, getting myself and 2 small children ready for the day, rushing out the door – triple checking that we have all the bags packed properly (spare clothes, lunch, water bottles, library books and project stuff), hurrying up dawdling children, negotiating traffic to school drop off, power walking the kids to their classrooms, quick kiss and hug goodbye, prying clingy children from your legs at the gate, final hugs and kisses goodbye, negotiating traffic to train station, finding a park, running to the vending machine for a train ticket, jumping on the train just before it pulls out of the station, walking through the crowded carriage to find a window in the sunny side. Some mornings I am extremely lucky to find a window seat on the sunny side. Briefly on one bend of the track the sun shines into the carriage and I feel the morning sun on my face. This is moment that I savour for a milly second and reclaim the calm back into my morning.

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